Thermaltesting ofphotovoltaic systems

Adantages & Applications:Quote of the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, "A review by the Institute showed that using this technique (infrared) contactless error as strong cell breakage, shorted cells, bridged substring (sub-branch in the module), delamination, local short-circuit and defective soldering, errors in production and installation are quick and easy to find. "


Check your solar modules for damage before the gradual loss of power diminishes your fortune!


Method & Technique: For this application is perfect our Hexacopter, equipped with a Optris PI 400 infrared technology and a parallel installed, high-resolution photo videocam "GoPro".

The flying infrared cam barely escapes an error in the system.

Performance: This fee covers flying inspection on the system and the evaluation of results. With the result documentation may be issued for repair directly to the job. The fabricated infrared video and the copyrights belong to the customer.

Inspection costs: The cost of the inspection and evaluation of results move at the conclusion of a service contract at approximately 1,30 per Kwp (megawatt plant) plus travel expenses and extraordinary expenses (if necessary), respectively plus TVA Smaller plants more - larger plants less. We will create an individual offer.

Cost of repair of detected faults and weaknesses: The cost of repairing the defective module most time will be overtake by the insurance for example, Surge damage, broken glass etc., or the manufacturer under warranty.

Permit to Fly / Air Requirement: Each drone of "flying inspection service" has a special commercial liability insurance (personal and property damage to 1.5 million ), each pilot has provided a certificate of competence and is registered with the State Administration Office as an aero entitled. Furthermore, each flight is logged in the run-up to the responsible regulatory agency.

Signed M. Köhler, Managing Director

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