EnergeticairborneBuilding Inspection

Saving energy in times of climate change, the ever-increasing environmental awareness and continuously rising energy costs is a sensible goal, does not require special mention.

Target groups:   Single &multi-family homes

                           Commercial real estate

                           Municipal buildings

                           Certificate of any kind


Advantages of using drones: Our system allows the thorough, fast, thermal inspection of buildings from otherwise inaccessible perspectives and in considerable speed as unable ground-based techniques.

Discover in time damage and risks - be preventive active.

Method & Technique:For thermal inspection of a property is a high-resolution infrared camera recommends to uncover the most effective method of energy weak spots. For this purpose our hexacopter is ideal, equipped with a Optris PI 400 infrared technology and a parallel, also high-resolution photo Filmcam "GoPro". If necessary, the Sony DSC HX 60, 30x Zoom & 18 MB Resolution Photo-Cam is additionally used. This airborne system escapes hardly an improvement opportunity.

Performance:This fee covers the fly on the system and the evaluation of results. The documentation of the results reveals immediately all energetic weaknesses of the property. The acquired images / videos / infrared video together with copyrights replaced by the customer.

Cost:The price of the service depends on the time and human effort, the anticipated risks for aircraft and camera equipment and the cost of evaluating the results and documentation of results. For larger objects, such as Multifamily, commercial and industrial real estate or municipal offices buildings is built according to the expected additional burden an individual offer.

In a 1-2 family house in a normal residential area risk and effort is more manageable. . The thermal inspection of a detached house including the required evaluation kostetet flat rate 179, - plus travel cost á 0.60 cents / KM (actual KM). All amounts incl. 19% VAT .

Bitte bedenken Sie, dass diese Preisangaben immer nur Richtwerte sein können. Vor Ausführung kommt es in jedem Fall zu einer Vorort-Begehung um das Umfeld und besondere Risiken für einen Infrarot-Flug zu erkunden.

Gutachter bitten wir die individuellen Preise unmittelbar zu besprechen.

Permit to Fly / Air Requirement: Each drone of "flying inspection service" has a special commercial liability insurance (personal and property damage to 1.5 million ), each pilot has provided a certificate of competence and is registered with the State Administration Office as an aero entitled. Furthermore, each flight is logged in the run-up to the responsible regulatory agency.

Signed M. Köhler, Managing Director

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